Thinking of Relocating To, or Visiting Spain? 

I work at and have lived in Spain since relocating from the UK in 2006. Here is a selection of tips that I hope will be helpful if you are choosing to move to Spain or if you will be visiting Spain in 2021.

  1. Although a lot of people speak the English language in Spain nowadays, it is vital that you try and pick up some of the language so that you are more appreciated by those who live within the country, and will be able to integrate into your local community with less difficulty than those who do not make an effort to learn.
  2. It is advisable to accept that Spain has a slower way of life than in other countries. Be prepared to take your time over activities such as dinner and be patient when waiting in queues. You may be surprised that some small shops have seats – it is because you might be there a while waiting for your turn!
  3. Learn the laws in Spain so that you do not run into any problems. Ignorance of the law is not taken as an excuse if you offend in Spain.

A selection of tips for individuals who are travelling to Spain:

1.The sun is very bright in Spain, so it is a good idea to invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses. If you do not do this, you will be squinting a lot of the time and may have sore eyes by the end of your trip.

2.Choose natural fibre clothes that are loose-fitting so that you do not become overheated. It can be an excellent idea to get glammed up in the evenings but remember that it is always sweltering in Spain during the summer months.

3.Choose a nice quality pair of sandals to wear throughout the day as your feet may become sore and swollen if you do not invest in a pair of open footwear that you find comfortable.

My top three cities to visit in Spain:

  1. Alicante is a beautiful location that is described as a city but feels more like a village. Many places of interest are within walking distance of each other, and the site has a wonderful waterfront.
  2. Barcelona is a bustling city that has a wide range of attractions. It is also filled with exciting places to go, and you will always find someone something new. There are tourist buses that offer a hop on and off service, or you can hire a bike at a low cost to tour the city.
  3. Cartagena is a location that dates to Roman times and has a lot of history relating to the Spanish Civil War. This city has a wide selection of museums and attractions to enjoy.