The Best Small Business Ideas for Women

I’ve always believed the best small business is the one that you own. I also believe there isn’t a business conducted by a man, that can’t be run by a woman just as well. I mean that if you want to be a mechanic, you should be. Being a woman shouldn’t enter into the equation, as long as you are trained, certified, experienced or whatever is required that would make you good at what you do and providing you love what you do, you should do it.

Having said that, I will make some recommendations as to some businesses that are more likely to appeal to women than men in general.

Now I’m basically dealing with a small business you can start at home. Part-time or full time as you choose. Let’s look at the things you like to do first. If you don’t like what you do you won’t want to do it for any length of time, so it may be a waste of your time and energy. If you truly enjoy what you do you will do a better job and you won’t burn out so easily.

How about something like gift baskets. If you have an eye for appealing arrangements of gifts and supplies such as toiletries and scents, combined with candles and knick-knacks, candies or flowers, and can put one of these together in a short time for birthday, anniversary or whatever gift, this might be your business. Supplies can be found everywhere, like second hand stores, dollar stores, and import stores. Gift Baskets can be very lucrative. I know a lady who started in her garage, and in just a few years opened her own shop and grew to six employees, all of whom were working full time making a good living. The original business expanded to include Party and Event Planning.

Not your idea of the best business for you? How about something a little more risqué. Lingerie Parties. Lingerie Parties can be held in your home, even perhaps outside on your patio or lawn in the right situation. Hosting the party will let you use many of your talents, and if necessary models could be hired to display your lingerie. There are companies that will help you find and acquire lingerie, plan your parties and teach you what you need to know to pull it off. (Pun intended)

Do you like kids? Would you consider a daycare? If you have space and patience, parents everywhere are in need of a good daycare provider. Some areas require permits and are subject to inspections by local officials, but the number of people looking for someone to care for their children during their work schedule. Often times this may require overnight daycare to accommodate their late night or early morning schedules. That is a special niche in itself.

Do you play an instrument, or Are you good at art, or maybe knitting? How about sharing your knowledge with others, give lessons. Nowadays, you can even put together DVD sets teaching your craft and sell them online as downloadables, or ship copies.

Once your business is off the ground, you will need to look into marketing it. As a woman running a business, you are not likely to have a lot of time for this and might want to look into using a professional marketing firm for your marketing needs.

These are but a few suggestions. Pretty much all of these have been proven to be money makers. The key is you can make a business out of just about anything. I highly recommend doing something you love. Chances are if you work toward success, you’ll achieve it.