The Best Short Term Investment Ideas

It’s obvious that investing the hard earned money which you have is a risky business. If you’re able to get proper execution and the right information, you can be able to minimize or control the risk. In case you’re an investor, then it’s obvious you do not wish to see a decline in your portfolio, therefore you must consider some of the short term investment ideas. The short investments usually do not wish to see the growth of larger term investments, this is because they’ve been designed with short and safety amount of time.

The best short term investment ideas:

i) Fixed savings deposit

This kind of deposits are insured or secured 100 percent, therefore any money which will be invested will be returned despite the circumstances. In this case, the fixed rate depends on the maturity date and the number of total deposits.

Foreign current deposits

In this case, the deposits do involve the foreign currency of any type so long the currency market is very high. In many cases, there’s a high confidentiality clause on the foreign currency deposits.

ii) Money market account

This kind of savings account offers high-interest rates. The deposits which are required in this case are substantial and the minimum balance required being high which is at least $1,000. The terms and conditions do limit you such that you can have only 3 withdraws in one month.

iv) Short term investment funds

This investment idea to allow the investors to put funds in a temporarily at one investment avenue at the same time be able to pool their own resources for a larger investment scheme especially in long term. Some of the examples are t-bills, government bills, corporate notes, and banks.

v) Municipal bonds

These’re bonds which are issued by a local government unit or other instrumentalities or agencies. The incomes which you earn from these bonds are not taxed.

vi) Certificate of deposit

This type of savings account which has a specific maturity date such as annually, bi-annually and quarterly. It earns a fixed interest rate and is insured fully by the federal deposit insurance commission. After maturity, you can decide to withdraw all the amount and interest.

vii) Treasury inflation-protected securities.

These’re government bonds which are designed so as to adjust for inflation, therefore makes them the best for both long term and short term investments. In case the interest rate rises the bond prices will drop since the new investor can buy any new bonds at high-interest rates. However, since the securities do adjust with inflation, the bond will not drop to greater levels, therefore, the investors will be secure n short term.


There’s nothing which can make you feel safe especially if you’re able to invest for a short period of time and get high times. If you have never invested in anything, you may find it challenging in getting the best ideas. In case you wish to get the best short term investment ideas then you must look at the above guide, so many people have looked at it and they’ve been successful