How To Find Paralegal Jobs

So you have completed your training as a paralegal, but now you are in a quandary as to how to find gainful employment. Many students who have just gotten out of training are usually looking during the months of June, July and August. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. There are a number of options that you can try, but part of the process is being patient and getting your name out there for solicitors firms to notice.

About October/November, there are usually a lot more vacancies for paralegals again, but now the agencies can afford to be less fussy about experience.

Many places want someone who has experience in the field before they will hire them. So how does one get the experience if no one will give you a chance. It is a vicious cycle. One thing that you can do is volunteer to do some unpaid work to get the experience. The firm you provide the unpaid work may be interested in hiring you part time or full time depending on how many hours will be needed.

Graduate Paralegal Jobs In London

Many people are looking for jobs when they finally graduate college to try to start a legal career. Here are a few graduate paralegal jobs you can find in London:

Personal Injury – Graduates/Paralegals

The individuals in this company are experts with elevated supplier status with many of the UK’s premier law firms. They do not employ high volumes of advisors. Instead, they have a family method. They build a relationship with you built on trust. They offer candidates incentives. They accommodate conversations and meetings with you so that you can get a full understanding about the company.

LPC Graduate – Wills and Probate Paralegal – Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

This company has a few offices based around London. They have an excellent reputation within the Legal market. They are also a multi-servcie law firm. The individual works along side of the secretarial staff. You will support the wills and probate function by supplying administrative, PA, and secretarial support.

Commercial Paralegal

This is a rapidly growing organisation recruiting paralegals to handle noncontentious commercial work. This firm is based in Merseyside. This is an outstanding opportunity for a LPC graduate, preferably with six months of experience, while working towards a training contract.

Graduate Entry Level Paralegal

In this company, you are required to join a small Devon consultancy organisation. They specialise in the compromising of agreements with GP’s and hospitals nationwide for their involvement in clinical trials. Your key tasks will contain negotiating agreements in agreement with the client expectations, contacting clients by telephone or email on contract budget/ language progress, documenting past experience information, and insuring precise tracking of all agreements.

Debt Recovery Paralegal

This firm is a highly successful Legal two hundred practice. It was first established over one hundred and twenty years ago. They have an outstanding reputation for supplying high quality advice across all their services.