How to Buy the Right Bed for You

Tips on Selecting a Mattress, Bed Frame and Box Springs

Use these tips to help you select the right mattress, bed frame and box springs so you get a comfortable bed that is suited to you and your interior decorating style.

Most people keep their mattresses for a period of 8 to 10 years although some mattresses break down before then and you suffer from lack of sleep or aches and pains that come from uncomfortable sleeping positions. It may be hard but if your mattress is uncomfortable you may need to get a new one before its official lifespan is up.

Buying a Bed Frame

A common idea when buying a bed frame is getting one that is bigger than the current one. The best way to figure if a new bed will fit into your existing bedroom is to measure and then add on about three to six inches on either side and the ends for your headboard and footboard and then add about three inches to either side for the bedding. This should give you a rough estimate of how much room you have available and how much bed your room can hold. Make sure you are not just considering the fit, but also how well you will be able to move around it. Plan on having between two to three feet of clearance on all “exposed” sides of the new bed frame.

One thing you will want to keep in mind when selecting your frame is the quality of construction. Look for slats that are close together for better and even support.

Selecting a Mattress

When it comes time to select a mattress you have got to be ready to try a lot of them out. If you sleep with a partner, bring that person along so you can both try the bed to see how it feels. Wear comfortable clothing and even shoes you can slip out of so you can sit on, lie on, recline on, bounce on (no jumping though) and move around on the bed to simulate sleeping as best you can. There is no real way of knowing how it will feel throughout the whole night, you can at least get a sense of the comfort level. Check the warranty, some manufacturers offer a comfort warranty and you can return the mattress within a specified period if it proves uncomfortable in real life.

Inspect the Springs

Most mattresses have inner springs, check these by looking at the cross sections and then examining the information. Typically, the coiled springs are covered or wrapped in padding. Look to see how many coils there are, the more the better. Then review the amount and type of padding used and how much quilted upholstery there is before the mattress cover. But do not assume that today’s new extra thick mattresses are better.

When buying a new bed, you will want to make sure that you get the most comfortable bed possible. Be sure to put your modesty aside and give each bed a try. Measure to make sure you purchase a bed that fits nicely into your bedroom, leaving enough for traveling and other pieces of furniture. If possible, look for a mattress with a comfort warranty so you are sure you like the way your bed feels when you sleep.