Prawn Croquettes or Croquetas de Gambas

Spanish Tapas Dishes Make in Advance, Use Leftovers for Finger Food

Prawn Croquettes or ham or cheese croquettes are a great way to use up leftover food. Make these bites in advance for great little finger food tapas.

Croquettes are popular throughout Spain, they can be made from leftover bits of cheese, ham, jamon, chicken or fish. They are better served hot but can also be served cold with a garlic or chilli dip or mayonnaise.

For a great starter or tapas these prawn croquettes can be made in advance and put in the fridge or even frozen. If they are frozen they need to thaw out naturally and be fairly dry before frying or they tend to fall apart in the hot oil.

Try this version of Prawn Croquettes, then maybe next time alter the flavourings: add some mixed herbs or paprika perhaps a pinch of chilli powder. Have fun experimenting, the batch of mixture could be halved and then different flavourings added to each half. Adding some lemon juice with a fish mixture gives them an alternative taste.

Prawn Croquettes – Croquetas de Gambas Recipe

Ingredients for 12 croquettes
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Tapas a bite of Spain By Janet Mendel
Spanish Tapas – Croquettes
Mediterranean Prawn Dish – Gambas al Pil Pil
55gm butter
55g plain flour
300ml cold milk
400gm peeled prawn, cooked and chopped
Tomato puree or tomato frito
55gm breadcrumbs, fine bought ones are best
1 large egg, beaten well
olive oil for frying
Parsley, for garnishing
Lemon wedges for serving

In a saucepan melt the butter then slowly stir in the flour, let it cook for a minute or two, stirring all the time.

Add the milk very gradually, stirring well to avoid any lumps forming, until it becomes a lovely thick smooth sauce.

Add the chopped prawns, tomato paste and seasoing and continue to cook gently for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring continuously. The mixture needs to be fairly thick.
Let this prawn mixture cool down completely, overnight is better, but not absolutely necessary.

it’s time to shape the mixture use a spoon and scoop up about half a tablespoon then shape it into a cylinder, repaet with all the mixture.
Then cover the croquettes in breadcrumbs first then the beaten egg,. then breadcrumbs again.

They can now be frozen or put in the fridge for a day or two.

When it’s time to cook the croquettes, heat up the oil in a pan so that it is at least 3cm deep. Fry the cylinders for about 5 minutes each until they become a lovely golden brown colour.

Remove carefully with a slotted spoon onto some kitchen paper then transfer them onto a serving plate and garnish with parsley and wedges of lemon.

The Influence of Society on the Individual

Weber and Durkheim offer different approaches to how socialization occurs, what the processes and stages are and to what degree society influences us in our daily lives.

There are two differing conflicting points of view when examining the influence of socialization on the individual. The “objective view”, building on theories by Emile Durkheim (1858-1917), claims that society has a strong influence on the individuals who need to adapt themselves to an already determined fixed society. The “subjective view”, following ideas by Max Weber (1864-1920), claims that the response or reaction of the individual is a determining factor that constantly and consistently shapes and molds society itself.

What is Socialization?

Socialization is the process through which people become acquainted with and learn about their culture and are then transformed into members of their society. Culture represents values and ideals transmitted from generation to generation which then give rise to an individual identity embedded in that particular culture. Individuals gain specific knowledge and necessary abilities to participate and become active members of social life; this in turn influences the characteristic and unique behaviors of their society.

The Three Stages of Socialization

There are three different stages of socialization that take place at given moments in one’s life. The first one occurs when individuals become part of a nuclear family and develop a sense of themselves as separate and distinct from the world outside. In this case, parents are important agents that teach each individual about culture and society.

The second stage is the realization that parents are not the only social factors in life, as the child enters school, meets and has contact with other people and learns about various rules of social contract, control and values, apart from the family home.

The third stage signifies the point where the individuals internalize cultural models of society and after assimilating these rules, they convert them into their own personal rules of conduct and behavior in life.

Durkheim’s Theory

Durkheim believes that social facts are outside of the individual. A social fact is any kind of behavior or model of thinking and feeling that characterizes a given society. Education serves as means to convert individuals into fully functioning members of society. As a result, each person becomes a product of their society.

Weber’s Theory

Weber believed that society cannot exist without the actions of its members, its individuals. Social facts are accumulated actions of individuals of a society. To Weber, society is made up of active subjects involved in interaction with each other.

A Combination of Both Views

As in many major debates regarding, such as nature versus nurture, there is often an interaction of both forces. Society influences the individual, yet the individual exerts an amount of influence on his or her society. It also depends on various other factors, such as psychological make-up of the individual which ought to be considered and taken into account as well.

Get Physically Fit the Right Way

Strength training can deliver varying health benefits and results based on the person, diet, and rest. Most people struggle with plateauing when working with free weights.

Each year lots of people make the effort to add more exercise into their daily routine. However, some individuals tend to set their sights higher by trying to bulk up as much muscle as possible, but if you’re following the incorrect steps or methods; desirable results will be a lot harder to achieve. If you’re wondering how to get ripped and maintain lasting results, you’ll need to learn the right way to go about it.

Don’t Go Overboard

Putting together an exercise regimen that is too physically strenuous might make you feel like you’re accomplishing something but in reality, you’re putting too much wear and tear on your body, and may end up in the physio’s office, needing treatment. While it may be hard to do at first, take things down a notch at the gym. According to Ask Men, you should cut down on the total number of reps and sets, but maintain the same intensity to “preserve your strength and muscle tissue mass.” Ask Men provides the following example to illustrate this concept: “…if you used to do four sets of bench-pressing consisting of 6 reps and 180 pounds, knock that down to 2 or 3 sets of bench-pressing consisting of 6 reps at that same 180 pounds. Maintaining the same poundage is what is going to be absolutely key here. Even if it means doing only a single set, the weight should stay up.”

Prevent Plateauing Through Proper Recovery

Want to ensure you don’t get the results you want: Ignore the recovery period after each workout. According to Men’s Health, people hit plateaus in the gym due to inadequate rest and/or nutrition. The reason for this is because during the recovery period; which should include quality naps and getting plenty of sleep each night; is the time where your body delivers vital nutrients to the muscles and other parts of the body. Doing this is what gets your muscles ripped over time.

Another part where rest plays a crucial role in your end results is during the workout itself; you should never go hard in a workout without taking a break. According to Tom from Burn the Fat, the amount of rest time between workouts is determined by the type of workout being performed. For example, if you’re doing strength training and it’s a max out week; meaning you will be lifting the maximum amount of weight for one repetition, you should train three times a week on non-consecutive days. The reason for this is because maxing out puts a lot of strain on your muscles and central nervous system. When you go to lighter weights with increased reps, there is less damage and strain to muscles and nervous system, thus being able to train 4-6 times per week.

Don’t be afraid to utilise all the resources available to you at your local gym. If there’s a personal trainer available, use one; their expertise isn’t for show, it is for the purpose of educating you about the proper way to exercise, so you’ll avoid the common mistakes and guarantee lasting results that you’ll not only be happy with, but will have the ability to maintain in the years to come.

How To Find Paralegal Jobs

So you have completed your training as a paralegal, but now you are in a quandary as to how to find gainful employment. Many students who have just gotten out of training are usually looking during the months of June, July and August. Unfortunately, so is everyone else. There are a number of options that you can try, but part of the process is being patient and getting your name out there for solicitors firms to notice.

About October/November, there are usually a lot more vacancies for paralegals again, but now the agencies can afford to be less fussy about experience.

Many places want someone who has experience in the field before they will hire them. So how does one get the experience if no one will give you a chance. It is a vicious cycle. One thing that you can do is volunteer to do some unpaid work to get the experience. The firm you provide the unpaid work may be interested in hiring you part time or full time depending on how many hours will be needed.

Graduate Paralegal Jobs In London

Many people are looking for jobs when they finally graduate college to try to start a legal career. Here are a few graduate paralegal jobs you can find in London:

Personal Injury – Graduates/Paralegals

The individuals in this company are experts with elevated supplier status with many of the UK’s premier law firms. They do not employ high volumes of advisors. Instead, they have a family method. They build a relationship with you built on trust. They offer candidates incentives. They accommodate conversations and meetings with you so that you can get a full understanding about the company.

LPC Graduate – Wills and Probate Paralegal – Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment

This company has a few offices based around London. They have an excellent reputation within the Legal market. They are also a multi-servcie law firm. The individual works along side of the secretarial staff. You will support the wills and probate function by supplying administrative, PA, and secretarial support.

Commercial Paralegal

This is a rapidly growing organisation recruiting paralegals to handle noncontentious commercial work. This firm is based in Merseyside. This is an outstanding opportunity for a LPC graduate, preferably with six months of experience, while working towards a training contract.

Graduate Entry Level Paralegal

In this company, you are required to join a small Devon consultancy organisation. They specialise in the compromising of agreements with GP’s and hospitals nationwide for their involvement in clinical trials. Your key tasks will contain negotiating agreements in agreement with the client expectations, contacting clients by telephone or email on contract budget/ language progress, documenting past experience information, and insuring precise tracking of all agreements.

Debt Recovery Paralegal

This firm is a highly successful Legal two hundred practice. It was first established over one hundred and twenty years ago. They have an outstanding reputation for supplying high quality advice across all their services.


Are 100% UK Mortgages Still Possible?

During the property boom, 100% mortgages were available. With falling house prices and negative equity, first-time buyers are finding that 25% house deposits are normal.

Things were very different just a few years ago: Rising house prices quickly created equity, loan defaults were low, and house repossession rates were minimal. In those times, lenders were happy to allow borrowers to take out a 100% mortgage. The world is now a very different place.

One of the biggest obstacles a first-time buyer faces, in terms of getting a foot on the property ladder, is raising a sufficient house deposit. The 100% mortgage helped many first-time buyers get round this problem, but this is no longer an option in the current economic climate.

Falling House Prices and Negative Equity

Falling house prices and the risk of negative equity have led to 100% mortgages being withdrawn from the market, which gives most owners less chance of selling your home. Northern Rock got into massive financial trouble by over-exposing itself to property. They created a mountain of bad debt by offering 125% mortgages to borrowers. Loan default problems set in when the inevitable effects of house price falls and negative equity set in.

According to a report by Standard and Poor; falling house prices were plunging 60,000 people a month into negative equity.

The Availability of 100% Mortgages

There aren’t currently many financial institutions providing 100% mortgages without collateral. However, it is possible for a first-time buyer to get a 100% mortgage, provided that they have a guarantor. A guarantor is normally a parent or friend who uses their own home as collateral in the event of loan default.Although the 100% mortgage is no longer feasible for many first-time buyers, it is still possible to get a 90% mortgage. However, those seeking a 90% LTV can expect to pay a higher APR, due to the higher risk of negative equity and loan default.

Most first-time buyers require a house deposit of 25%. However, there are some 90% and 95% mortgage deals available, for those with good credit and employment prospects. Whether a first-time buyer should be considering buying without a large house deposit, is a matter of some conjecture.Those seeking the best mortgage deal should also consider utilising the services of a mortgage broker, to help reduce mortgage repayments.

Emergency Loans for When It’s Absolutely Necessary

If you find yourself facing financial hardship, a payday loan might be the best solution. Payday loans are short-term loans, and you will be expected to pay the money back when you receive your next pay packet. If you delay repaying a payday loan the interest rate will rise substantially, so make sure you do not ask to borrow more than you can afford to pay back.

The good thing about payday loans is you do not have to have a decent credit score to apply. It is important that you can show proof of income, and if you are unable to you will most probably not receive a payday loan. The amount you will be able to borrow depends on your pay check, and if the lender thinks you will be able to pay the money back on time.

It is very easy to apply for a payday loan, you need to do is find a reputable lender online and fill out some simple details. You must be over 18 years of age and have a bank account. Once they lender approves your loan, the money will be in your account within just a few hours.

Just like with any other loan, payday loans need to be repaid in full plus interest. Because no credit checks are done when you apply for a payday loan, this type of loan is considered to be high risk and therefore the interest is more than a regular bank loan. If you default on your repayments, the lender is likely to give you an extension of one week, but everytime an extension is granted the interest will go up further.

Do not be taken in by all the hype over payday loans, as some advertisements claim they are the solution to all your financial problems. Although they can help you out when you are in our financial fix, you should not rely on payday loans on a regular basis because eventually you will find that the interest makes it very difficult to pay consecutive loans back on time.

Therefore, one should think of payday loans is a solution to a financial emergency but not something that one should take out when circumstances do not deem it absolutely necessary. Also, when you are looking for a payday loan lender make sure you are dealing directly with the lender rather than payday loan brokers. Payday can brokers will also take a fee for putting you in touch with the lender which will push your repayments up further.

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