How to Make a Good Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay would entail one to come up with a description of one’s preference. This can be in the form of a certain place, individuals, experience, or recollection. It’s like sharing one’s observations with the audience. It entails the creation of vivid imagery. Descriptive essay writing can be easily accomplished if certain strategies are followed.

Settling for a Topic

On the initial stage, one needs to come up with a good topic for the essay. That would involve sharing a life-changing experience. A descriptive essay entails one to write detailed aspects on a certain topic. It’s advisable to land a topic that lets readers visualize an image. Creating an emotional connection needs to be made between the essay and that of the reader.

Brainstorming Matters

Brainstorming plays a crucial role. After choosing a topic, think deeply about the topic. Craft a plan in writing an essay from start to finish. Through all the senses, break down everything about the topic to be discussed. Never miss out on a single detail. Make a list on what needs to be talked about. Create a structure. Make an essay outline.

Make a comprehensive discussion for every point raised. Do a bit of research on the topic.

Drafting the Essay

Kick things off with an interesting intro that will grab the attention of the reader. Talk about the essay’s main point. Offer a hint on what will be discussed. Ensure the point of view is clear. State the purpose of why the essay is being written. Inform the reader what they essay will be entirely about.

The body paragraph is primarily the descriptive phase. This involves writing a comprehensive description of the topic. The body will explain one’s feelings and emotions associated with the topic. It keeps the reader glued to the essay. The deal here is to showcase an image in the minds of readers to get the “feel” for one’s writing.

The conclusion caps off a summary of just about everything that was written in the essay. Choose some main topic points and talk about it there.

Polishing Everything

Once the draft is finished, take a short break. When the head is cleared, read the essay from a reader’s point of view. Picture being the reader looking into the essay. Read it loudly. Consider the expectations of the reader on the essay. Ask anyone for an opinion on the writing piece. Then edit and double check the essay.