5 Steps To Reduce Risks of Covid 19 In Residential Care Homes

Covid 19 has taken the world by storm affecting some more than others. For the elderly it holds that little bit more fear as demographically they are more at risk.

Considerate employers, especially in residential care homes, are keenly aware of this heightened sense of fear amongst their clients and take all the necessary safety measures and precautions to prevent the virus from spreading.

Various governmental and health care bodies have provided ample information to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. Like the Department of Health and Social Care backed Social Care Institute for Excellence which provides advice and best practice information.

Due to the ongoing nature of the virus and the scientific information that comes to light this information is updated regularly.

By utilising information provided by the government we can look at 5 steps we can take to reduce the risk of Covid 19 in residential care homes.

Increase Virus Awareness

You might think that people are all too keenly aware of the virus. But being aware of something is not the same as being knowledgeable about it. Both staff and residents need to know how the virus spreads and what to do or not to do to help limit its spread.

Due to the nature of personal care, and how the virus spreads, the close contact with people during washing, personal hygiene tasks, and the like means that both the career and the person being cared for need to know how to limit any possible spread.


The SCIE advises that ‘frequent handwashing and good hand hygiene is an essential method to control infection’. Its importance in helping minimise spread cannot be understated.

Residents and staff alike should be aware of the correct method of washing your hands thoroughly and ample provision should be made of suitable hand-washing materials like soap and towels.

Where contamination is suspected or confirmed it is advised that ‘all people and staff should decontaminate their hands with alcohol-based rub when moving in and out’ of such areas.

Respiratory and Cough Hygiene

Covid-19 is spread mainly through respiratory droplets. These droplets are released when someone sneezes, coughs, or even exhales. Coming into contact with these droplets, either directly by being sneezed on, or indirectly by touching a surface that has droplets on it and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth, will make you infected.

Because of this it is important that staff and residents try and minimise transmission by adopting good respiratory and cough hygiene. Simple things like using disposable tissues and using and disposing of them properly or even coughing into your elbow instead of your hand in emergency situations.

The provision of tissues and waste bins should be ample and available to everyone.

Personal Protective Equipment

Known as PPE this covers the range of protective items and clothing that can be worn. The most noticeable of which is a face mask.

The correct use of PPE is required in the care home setting and while this used to involve staff in protective equipment almost all the time the current guidance recommended by Public Health England is that ‘when staff and the person receiving care are not showing symptoms or suspected of suffering from Covid-19, the use of PPE is not required beyond normal good hygiene practices’.

Track and Trace

At the end of May 2020 the NHS test and trace service was launched. The aim of this service is to provide quick testing for people with symptoms and ‘asymptomatic testing for health and care staff and care home residents’ to trace recent contacts of a positive result to notify that they must self-isolate.

By taking part in this service the care home will be able to get an idea of the level of risk for the residents and act accordingly.

You can never be too safe when it comes to reducing the risk of Covid-19 in a care home and thankfully with the extensive amount of information available it is easier done than ever.

Probe Core Beliefs in Self Improvement Programs

Core beliefs may be limiting your personal growth. Learn why and how to incorporate challenging your core beliefs in your self-improvement program.

An effective self-improvement program requires close examination of one’s core beliefs as these play a dominant role in a person’s behaviours and growth. Honestly evaluating cultural and racial stereotyping and the urban myths and legends held deeply in the subconscious may be difficult but will provide personal growth.

What Are Core Beliefs?

Beliefs are simply thoughts that people have about something. Core beliefs imply thoughts about some topic vital or fundamental to one’s life. All beliefs are simply thoughts that are held to be true which are stored deep in the subconscious where they are available to support rapid and easy decisions. You can find out more about core beliefs at charlotteferrier.com.

Core beliefs — like all beliefs — are not ultimate truths but are simply the truths a person holds dear. Since they are dearly held to be true, differing core beliefs can result in serious disagreements between individuals, groups, and even countries.

Cultural and Racial Stereotyping

Cultural and racial stereotyping are two forms of beliefs held about other people who are of different racial or cultural background. Stereotyping assumes that some readily differentiable characteristic, such as race, age, or gender, will suffice to describe or predict a person’s behaviour or beliefs.

Stereotyping is a mental shortcut, allowing a person to reach conclusions about another without expending the time or effort to know the person as an individual.

Urban Myths and Legends, Adages, Proverbs, and Old Wives Tales

Popularly held core beliefs are also known as urban myths and legends, adages, proverbs, and old wives tales. All of these are simply beliefs – stories, or condensed sayings held to be true.

The following are some popularly held beliefs which appear to have no scientific basis in fact, yet they are held as true by many people.

Failing to wait one hour after eating before swimming will result in cramps which could cause drowning.

Gangs attack drivers who flash their headlights as warning to turn on lights.

The gender of an unborn child can be determined by observing the mother’s profile – carrying high means a girl, carrying low, a boy.

Shaving hair on legs or upper lip will cause it to grow back darker and thicker.

Though these myths are relatively harmless in terms of someone’s personal growth, they are examples of core beliefs that are widely held to be true and therefore result in automatic behaviours by those holding them.

People seeking strong personal growth will benefit by examining and reflecting on the subconscious core beliefs they hold to be true. Until one is aware of subconsciously held beliefs, behaviours and thoughts will continue to be automatic and may be limiting desirable personal growth.

Personal Growth by Challenging Core Beliefs

Include the conscious effort to challenge your core beliefs as an important component of your self-improvement program. There could be some discomfort associated with this self-reflection, but personal growth often involves overcoming the discomfort resulting from serious self-examination.

The following exercises will help structure self-examination of deeply held core beliefs:

Write a two-hundred-word essay titled “This I Believe.”

Finish the sentence beginning with “Life is…”

Examine each belief stated in the above exercises and ask why you believe it and how you know it to be true.

Watch for strong reactions you have to topics in the news or discussions you have with others. When you have a strong reaction, whether in support or opposition to something, it may indicate a core belief is at issue.

Spend time getting to know other people with whom you have never associated. Getting to know people of a different race, culture, gender, religion, or political affiliation will expose you to beliefs held to be true by others which may be in direct conflict to your beliefs. Examine the reasons behind conflicting beliefs.

Personal Growth in a Self-Improvement Program

Include the self-improvement step of closely examining core beliefs about life, yourself, and other people. Become aware of your strong reactions and judgments of other people, especially those different in appearance and culture. Testing your beliefs and allowing yourself to see other viewpoints is an important component of self-improvement.

Do You Have A Clear Reason for Your Cosmetic Procedure or Treatment?

Are you thinking of different cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery for certain areas of your body? If you are, then you are one of millions around the world who have opted for various surgical and non-surgical treatments and processes to enhance, improve, eliminate, or otherwise make changes to what they perceive as imperfections or limitations in their physical appearance. As these procedures have become more affordable and accessible, so have their popularity among people across economic backgrounds.

Entertainment stars and pop culture have also contributed quite a lot to the growing cosmetic procedure trend. People look up to movie stars, television actors and actresses, and pop music artists who always look perfect and visually stunning. Then, as these celebrities reveal their beauty secrets, slimming regimen, and other habits for maintaining their beauty and fitness, their followers are almost sure to give them a try as well. And in many instances, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have been one of the more popular options among celebrities, contributing to their growing acceptance and popularity among customers.

It is not wrong in itself to want to make improvements or enhance your physical appearance. We all want to look our best and to be presentable when we are in front of other people. What is to be avoided, however, is to live a life that is solely based on the opinions, perceptions, and views of others, whether it is our peers or society in general, regarding physical appearance and beauty without a healthy balance and positive outlook. So, if you are considering a procedure because your partner has suggested it, or because your best friend has had it done, these are not optimal reasons. The only person you should be thinking about pleasing is yourself, and if the treatment is likely to make you happier in the long run. Alternatively, look at some of the less permanent beauty solutions out there. Dermal fillers or lip fillers, Botox and other injectables are ways of getting a younger look without actually going under the knife.

Some people would decide to undergo a treatment or procedure in order to look like a popular person, or to achieve a certain physique that they think will make them more attractive or likable among others. But many soon realize that even after their procedure or treatment, they are still unhappy with themselves and want to undergo more changes and surgeries. In other words, it is often not the end-all solution that they thought it would be.

This is one reason why it is very important to undergo professional counselling and consultation services prior to making a definite decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure, whether it is cosmetic or not. Any professional clinic or practitioner in this field will sit down with the individual first to figure out what his or her reasons are for wanting a specific treatment or process, and also to gauge if this is in line with his needs and goals. If this is something you are seriously considering, get qualified professional assistance on your specific desires.

Alternatively, look at some of the less permanent beauty solutions out there. Dermal fillers, Botox and other injectables are ways of getting a younger look without actually going under the knife.

Can Hypnotherapy Really Relieve Stress?

Stress is a small word which can have a great impact on those who suffer from it. Stress is one of the issues which affect the most people on the planet. In addition, stress can have a negative impact on the body and mind. Stress can lead to a range of physical, emotional and psychological problems.

Some of the most common side effects of stress are depression, mood swings, low self-esteem, concentration problems, sleeping difficulty, anxiety, body aches, and a loss of energy. These are just to mention a few, in the long run, stress can be deadly! Stress has been linked to diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Stress affects each person differently. While some people may thrive in a stressful environment other will find it difficult to cope. For those who cannot cope with stress, it causes big problems in their work and social lives, but the actual cost can be far more difficult to assess. In today’s fast-paced world, more people feel burned out than ever before and this can be directly linked to stress.

There are a number of ways to treat not only the symptoms of stress but also the causes of it. One of the biggest problems with the treatments is that they are not as readily available as it should be. Typical treatments for stress include; Medication and counseling or stress management sessions. Medication only offers ease of the symptoms and more is needed once it has worn off.

For a wide range of reasons, more and more people are choosing hypnotherapy to help them deal with stress management. Hypnotherapy is widely regarded as a powerful tool against stress. Unlike the use of medication, hypnotherapy is natural. It also does not have any side effects and it is not addictive. While medication and counseling merely mask the stress, Hypnotherapy actually confronts the issue by getting to the root of the problem.

Hypnotherapy allows you to change the way you respond to stressful situations, and in addition, it equips you with the tool you need to deal with the emotional and physical stressors in your life. Essentially, hypnotherapy puts you back in control of your life. This is done by a simple reprogramming of the brain.

During a hypnotherapy session, you will be given a chance to talk about the problem which is causing your stress. Once the problem is out in the open, your brain will switch on and it will start looking for solutions to the problem. This unlocks the unconscious mind and allows your brain to start processing solutions to your stress. The techniques used during a hypnotherapy session enable you to rekindle strong emotions which help you deal with stress.

Where medication might only be a short-term fix, hypnotherapy gives you the positive reinforcements your brain needs to be able to cope with stressful situations and help you move through rough situations in your life effortlessly. Many people report a positive change after just one session.

Why Hire a Removals Company?

There are many ways individuals make a removal. However, not all of them are safe. Often, people are always attempting to do things on their own so that they can save some cash. And this is something we all do either in small or large scales. Although at times we succeed, many times, we end up regretting this decision.

Home removals depend on many external factors such as your location, how high are the buildings, cars that are hired to move things, etc. Therefore, it can be overwhelming to attempt doing this task on your own. And sometimes, you can end up spending more money, time and even cause accidents or lose some of your valuable belongings.

For this reason, individuals are advised to seek the help of a professional removal company. Here are the benefits of hiring expert home removals service providers.

Skills and Expertise

Most of these companies have a team of removers who are thoroughly trained for packing and unpacking, loading as well as unloading and transporting items in one’s home. They are aware of expert furniture removal techniques. Plus, regardless of how heavy your furniture is, these professionals are equipped to transport them safely no matter your destination.

Save Time and Money

Relocating like earlier said is an overwhelming task. Therefore, if one decides to do it on their own, it means they’ll take time off work to concentrate and arrange for relocation. That means you’re also losing some money. But when one hires a professional, they’ll continue with their normal work routine. Also, doing the moving is such a hassle and can take even weeks to accomplish it. Not only will you have to pack, but also move your packed items. Individuals might also be forced to make several trips. A removal company will save you this stress. Hence, your relocation will be fast as well as seamless.

Safety and Insurance for Losses

When you move on your own, there are high chances that you might lose some of your valuables. Unfortunately, if that happens, there’ll be no one to compensate you. However, removal professionals are experts. They use high safety standards to ensure that nothing is damaged or lost during the relocation. But, even with high safety standards, still, items can be lost or damaged. Fortunately, these individuals are insured. So, should there be any lost or damaged items, one will be compensated.

Offer Storage Facilities

Imagine an instance where you need to rent accommodation as you search for a new house to purchase. Or you decide to stay with your friend or family while your new home is under construction. Such situations leave you with one problem. Where will you store your items while in this period of transition? Luckily, many reputable removal companies offer storage services. They’ll pack and store your goods until your new house is ready. So, one can have peace of mind knowing that their items are safely stored.

Professional movers play an integral role in ensuring a safe, stress-free, and cost-effective relocation. If you’re thinking of moving, save yourself the hassle and hire a reputable removal company. Luckily, you can find many of those on the internet or by getting recommendations from family or friends.

Stylish Furnishing Ideas for a Beauty Salon

When setting up a beauty salon it is important to create the right ambiance. A beauty salon is usually associated with being pampered and relaxing with the stress of everyday life put on hold. In the skilled hands of a professional beautician whatever treatment being applied is a personal treat. Most customers want time to focus on themselves. A harmonic interior decoration will help the clientele to unwind, relax and enjoy the attention. Janette Vince of https://www.designerpermanentmakeup.co.uk/ explains more.

Beauty salon furniture should combine function with comfort and style for completely stress less treatment. A successful beauty salon should be a relaxing oasis for every person who enters the door. Setting the mood in the salon starts in the reception and waiting area; the furniture chosen is important and has to be durable while also offering maximum comfort. Appropriate lighting will soothe and relax the waiting customer. The treatment booths may require stronger illumination and more practical looking treatment furniture, but they should be made as attractive as possible.

Good organisation is important, not only for effective treatment, but also for the client’s pleasure. Well organised staff and properly maintained equipment keep stress levels down. Friendly, efficient beauticians in pleasant surroundings have always been key factors for a satisfied salon customer.

Types of beauty salon furniture

The beauty salon furniture that makes the first impression is in the reception and waiting area, so it is vital you get this right. Waiting room seats, coffee tables, magazine racks, pictures, lights and other generic items are used to make a welcoming area. There are many styles of this kind of furniture and creating an appealing and comfortable area is not too difficult.

The more specialised items of furniture will be needed to equip the treatment booths. Massage tables and styling chairs have to be functional and practical, but there is a wide choice on the market. Try to take into consideration customer comfort and style when comparing prices. Practical trolleys and cabinets are available in many styles, sizes and colours. Simply choosing the cheapest, practical furniture items could mean a loss of harmony so do keep this in mind.

Consider your clientele

The décor and ambient of the salon should be appealing to the clientele, so it is important to know will be interested in the treatments on offer. Different styles of furniture and colour scheme may be wanted for unisex salons or ladies only salons. A more elegant style might appeal to a more mature age group, while a child-friendly approach may please young mothers.

The colour scheme of your beauty salon décor is important. People are influenced by the colour of their surroundings, and harmonising colours can have a positive effect on the clientele. Spa and Aqua treatments reflect well with light blue and violet hues. A faster paced salon for younger people can use more dynamic reds and oranges, especially if combined with child friendly facilities in bold colours. Black and white schemes can make a man only statement, while warm peach tones help to relax the ladies.

Why Do People Take CBD?

With CBD’s rising popularity, it’s just normal to wonder why people take this oil. This compound has for many years, taken center stage in many debates. It remains a controversial drug as many persons are still not sure of how it impacts users. But, despite some people being against it, still many individuals continue to use it for its therapeutic purposes. Research suggests that cannabidiol may have many health benefits. So what is CBD and why do people use it? Continue reading to find out.

CBD Explained

The cannabis plant has many naturally occurring compounds, approximately 104. Among those compounds are CBD and THC. These two have for a long time been used in managing several health complications. Although both these compounds have therapeutic effects, people prefer using CBD over its counterpart. That’s because it doesn’t have psychoactive effects which make one “high.” Therefore, individuals can use this substance without worrying about the euphoric effects associated with marijuana products.

Why People Take CBD

Many studies claim that cannabidiol has several therapeutic benefits which promote people’s health. Apart from relieving pain, this compound can also help manage stress and anxiety. There are also some studies which claim CBD might be useful for weight loss.

So why do people take CBD? Obviously, for health reasons. Some take it for improving their sleep. Others want to enjoy the relaxation offered by this compound while other people also take it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although we don’t recommend taking this substance before you see a physician, CBD presents a natural alternative to many medications. Here are some health benefits of cannabidiol.

Chronic Pain Management

Pain affects many individuals and can significantly lower one’s quality of life. Research says that cannabidiol oil possesses specific properties that help alleviate different types of pain. CBD interacts with pain receptors in our endocannabinoid system hence help bring relief to the pain areas.

Treatment of Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death in many countries. Fortunately, there exist some reliable researches which claim that this compound can help in cancer treatment. CBD contains some elements which help prevent the growth of cancerous cells and destroy them too. Also, this compound can help suppress other symptoms associated with chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite and diarrhoea.

Acne Management

Acne was believed to be a condition which affected only teenagers. But nowadays, even older adults, both men and women, have this condition. It is not exactly clear what causes it. Some believe it is genetic, while others think it results from certain medications. However, quite a number of dermatologists believe that acne results from skin inflammation. Fortunately, CBD is said to contain anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to reduce these skin inflammations.

Treatment of Arthritis

According to research published in the European Journal of Pain, cannabidiol can be used to manage arthritis symptoms. Although there is more evidence needed, researchers believe that CBD contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in treating different types of arthritis. When applied directly on the affected area, this compound can bring fast relief.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Immune-related issues have become common nowadays. MS is a condition affecting myelin sheath, a protective layer in our brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of this condition mainly include muscle spasm, which can be extremely painful. Fortunately, if you’re diagnosed with this disease, you’re not doomed to a life of pain. You can use CBD to treat it. Many people claim that after using cannabidiol, they experienced a reduction in symptoms of this condition.

As you can see, there are many reasons why individuals use cannabidiol. But, before you begin taking any dosage, you should find out from your physician first if this oil is safe for you. It’s also wise that individuals avoid taking high dosages of this substance.

Save Money on Home Cooling Costs in the Summer

There are a lot of things that can be done to a home to help save money on a summer utility bill. It only takes a little effort to save a lot.

Homeowners are always trying to cut their costs when it comes to home maintenance. The EPA claims that cooling and heating expenses account for nearly half of a household utility bill. Utility bills are often higher in the summer and winter months because a furnace and air conditioner are needed to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. There are things that can be done, however, to keep the cost of cooling and heating a home down. With a little effort, a home utility bill can be drastically cut down by 25 percent or more. Follow the tips below to improve charges on monthly utility bills in the summer months.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is great because it can be programmed to have cooler temperatures when people are at home and warmer temperatures when everyone is away. Some people make the mistake of shutting down the air conditioner completely when they are away, but this is a bad idea because it takes more energy and time for an air conditioner to restore the temperature desired by the homeowners when it is turned back on, plus homeowners will be miserably warm while they wait for things to cool down.

Programmable thermostats are easy to install, even for someone that is not very handy. They can cost anywhere from £50 to £150, but the initial cost is worth the savings that it will yield on a summer utility bill. Some companies even offer programs that give programmable thermostats away for free.

Programmable thermostats can also be used to control the temperatures of individual rooms. This is a great advantage because there is no need to cool a room that is never used.

Replace Old Air Conditioners with Energy Efficient Models

Old models of air conditioners can use a lot of energy. Air conditioners are probably responsible for most of the cooling costs on a utility bill in the summer. Utility bill costs can be cut by as much as £100 per month if old air conditioners are replaced will central cooling units or more energy efficient swamp coolers and cooling units. You can also improve your old system by buying spares such as thermometers, aircon remote controls and insulated valve jackets. You can find a good selection of air con spares at airconspares.com.

Ceiling fans, although they do not create cool air, help circulate cool air that is already in a home. They use less energy than air conditioners and can give the illusion that a home is cooler than it actually is. A breeze always feels nice in the heat of the summer.

Insulate the Walls and Ceilings of the Home

It is extremely important, especially for older homes, to have proper insulation in the ceiling and walls. A lot of cool air is lost through the ceiling and walls and installing insulation can cut down on the loss.

Spraying or inserting insulation is more difficult to do than a thermostat, so it is best to hire someone that knows what they are doing. Depending on the size of the home, the cost can be anywhere from £500 to £2,000. The savings on a cooling bill, however, will make up for the cost in the long run.

Purchase Double Pane Windows

A lot of heat and cool air is lost through old windows that do not have proper seals. Buying double pane windows for a home and having them installed is a great way to keep the temperature in a home more consistent. Double Pane windows serve the same purpose as insulation and are a great idea to help save money on the home cooling bill.

How to Cool a House Without Air Conditioning

If it is not feasible to buy new windows, then homeowners should at least make the effort to seal air leaks found around the home with a special caulk. This is a quick an inexpensive way to reduce a summer utility bill. Air leaks are often found around windows and doors.

Prepare Food on an Outdoor Grill

In the summertime, avoid using the oven because it can heat up a home quickly. Preparing food on an outdoor grill is a great alternative to cooking in the kitchen. Baking doesn’t need to be done as much in the summer anyway because people prefer cold treats like ice cream and Popsicles.

Buy Blinds and Change Light bulbs

A lot of heat enters a home through the windows in the summer, so it is a good idea to buy blinds to minimize this. Blinds can be very affordable, especially if they do not have to be custom made. Drapes and curtains will have the same effect on a cooling bill as blinds.

Light bulbs can produce a lot of heat, so it is a good idea to replace them with energy efficient models that run at cooler temperatures. This will help reduce the amount of heat that is in a home and save on energy costs as well.

By following even one of the tips found in this article, a homeowner can see a drop in the cost of their summer utility bill and monthly energy bill. If money is an issue, try some of the more affordable tips. All of them produce results and savings will be seen.

Thinking About a Loft Conversion? Make an Informed Decision!

Despite being a popular trend today, a loft conversion is an investment that can provide you with lots of advantages. It is quite popular amongst residential homeowners who reside in cities, which seem to be crowding at an alarming rate.

A loft conversion is practically the act of turning dead loft space into an extra room, storage space or even an office. It can provide you with a wide range of benefits. If you are stuck choosing in between a loft conversion and an extension or moving house. Here are the pros and cons of a loft conversion. By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision.

The Pros

  1. An Affordable Solution

Other than being popular, loft conversions are an affordable alternative. Compared to moving and building extensions. The money you would spend converting your loft will be relatively lower. It’s because you wouldn’t have to spend more on demolishing existing structures and buying building supplies. All you will have to do is add a few touches on your loft and its ready for use.

  1. You Don’t Have To Loose Outside Space

Secondly, with a loft conversion, you don’t have to lose your outside space. In the case of an extension, you would be forced to use up some sections of your backyard, and this can lead to overcrowding. With a loft conversion, you will be building upwards. Therefore, the ground floor will be utilized optimally. Also, you won’t have to sacrifice your precious garden.

  1. Added Value to Your Property

Not only will the loft conversion serve you for a long time. When you finally decide to sell your home, it will attract a higher market value. For instance, a home worth £100,000, if its loft has been converted. The same home could be sold at £130,000. That is an added value of £30,000. Note that, the amount you may need to convert your loft even with the cost of hiring a professional building firm, could be half or a quarter of the added value.

  1. Access To Natural Light

A loft conversion could also give you access to direct sunlight in the comfort of your room. You can have a rooflight loft conversion which will keep your loft illuminated during the day. You can also opt for a panoramic glass window installation which will allow you to watch the stars during night time.

The Cons

As with every great thing, loft conversions also have disadvantages.

  1. It is Not Suitable for All Properties

A loft conversion isn’t ideal for all homes. There are some which feature tiny lofts and thus converting the loft into a functional room may be a bit difficult. It is why you should always seek professional advice before converting your loft. An expert building company can tell you whether your loft can be converted into an office or anything that you wish. In cases where a loft conversion doesn’t have sufficient headroom, you could remodel and restructure your roofing to accommodate the loft area.

If you have a loft in your home and you have not converted it into something useful, then you are missing out big time. You will be surprised at how beneficial loft conversions can be. It is up to you and your family to identify what you wish to convert your loft into and then proceed to designing it.

Workplace Safety – Pallet Racks

Pallet racks have become a must-have necessity in most business storage facilities. The reason behind this is their effectiveness and capability of utilizing storage space available. Pallet racks also make taking inventory a simple procedure. There is no doubt that pallet racks play a significant role in the achievement of a business or a company’s overall objectives.

However, despite the benefits associated with using pallet racks. They must be handled carefully. This will help in avoiding injuries to the warehouse staff or damage to property stored.

In case accidents occur in your warehouse due to poor handling of the pallet racks. This can have adverse effects on your business. You could risk facing losses and lawsuits from employees injured in your warehouse.

Here are some tips on how you can safely use pallet racks.

1. Ensure There is Placement of Sufficient Safety Measures

Before you begin using the pallet racks, it is mandatory for you to have the right safety measures in place. This includes installation of shelf pins, pallet safeguard panels and a variety of safety equipment that will ensure minimal risk.

2. Train Your Workers

Don’t just assume that everyone who works in your warehouse knows how to use pallet racks. It is best if you take the time to take your employees through comprehensive training on how to use the pallet racks. More especially those who will be interacting with them regularly.

3. Ensure the Warehouse has Sufficient Lighting and Is Clean at All Times

Unfortunately, most warehouses are usually poorly lit and quite dirty. And these two are among the leading causes of accidents in warehouses. It is the responsibility of the owner to create enough lighting in the warehouse for easy visibility. You should also ensure it is always clean.

4. Proper Installation

Accidents can easily occur if the pallet racks are not installed by a professional. Some warehouse managers do make the mistake of ordering pallet racks and installing them all by themselves to save on costs. This is quite wrong, and installation should be done by a certified engineer.

5. The Loads Placed on The Pallet Racks should be Managed

Overstuffing of pallet racks can lead to accidents. It is advisable for staff working in the warehouse to observe the weight limit of pallet racks. The limit is usually given by the manufacturer. The staff should ensure that the loads are evenly placed on the racks while retaining sufficient space in between them. The loads should also be arranged in terms of sizes. The pallet racks should be placed in areas that are free from obstruction.

6. Conduct Regular Maintenance

Buying the pallet racks shouldn’t be the end of your storage solutions. To avoid accidents, you should schedule frequent inspections with an engineer who will look for faults and come up with ways on how to remedy them. In case any of your staff notices loose connections, they should immediately report the matter.

With these tips, you can be assured of maximum safety when using pallet racks in your warehouse. And since pallet racks do differ depending on the manufacturer, you should always go through the safety measures that are listed on the rack’s user manual.

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