9 Kinds of Student Essays

A good topic idea for an essay is just a start. Before coming up with word or a phrase, one needs to determine the kind of essay that’s about to be done. There are several kinds of essays, each showcasing their upsides in adding flair to a topic in a certain manner.

  1. An argumentative essay.

This kind of essay involves persuading the reader to a specific point of view via research and proven facts. Sometimes they’re labelled as “persuasive essays.”

Here are some examples: “Why is it not constitutional to have a death penalty?” “Why is it imperative for religion to be taught in today’s schools?”

  1. A “cause and effect” essay.

This essay would typically describe a certain event and explaining why it happened. You can start the topic through its “cause” (ex. “what would happen if…”) or effect (ex. “why did this instance happen?”)

Here are some examples: “What’s the main source of global warming?” “How will smoking cigarettes influence your health in a negative manner?”

  1. A comparison/contrasting essay.

This essay involves reviewing the differences and similarities between ideas or objects. Comparison essays could be in the form of an opinion. That is, if the facts presented on an idea/object is superior over the other.

Here are some examples: 1) Setting the similarities and differences between one political system to the other. 2) Comparing and contrasting two novels written by one author.

  1. A literary essay.

This essay talks and makes an interpretation on work being written. Particular attention is offered to writing’s theme and literary elements.

Here are some examples: 1) The work of “The Wizard of Oz” in terms of an allegory for economics. 2) William Shakespeare’s work involving symbolisms.

  1. A classification essay.

This essay involves categorizing ideas/objects. It explains their differences against each other. Such essay is widely used in topics involving history and sciences.

Here are some examples: “Kinds of animals.” “Styles seen in a poetry.”

  1. A definition essay.

Very much like that of a dictionary, this essay would break down the meaning of a certain something. It offers added info in helping the reader determine an object from related things.

Here are some examples: “What’s the meaning of a parable?” “Just what is classical music?”

  1. A narrative essay.

This essay describes the story happening of a certain event. It’s often mention in the point of view of the author. But the narration can also be explained from another perspective.

Here are some examples: 1) What happened in the first day of school. 2) What occurred during summer vacation.

The kind of essay one will end up choosing will largely depend on what’s assigned to you as well as the topic to be covered. Ensure to go for a type of essay the represents what is being intended to one’s audience.